caring for your KandeSTIXXes

Kandelicious Makeup

Before your put that KandeSTIXX to use, be sure to properly clean your brush. 

Cleaning Your STIXX(es)

~ Give your brush a quick rinse under lukewarm water
~ Massage bristles with a mild soap
~ Rinse soap off bristles
~ Gentle Squeeze bristles to remove excess water
~ Set brush aside on a clean cloth
~ Allow your brush to air dry 

It’s time to put that brush to use.

now with all that blending...

How often do you clean/replace your KandeSTIXXes?

We suggest cleaning your makeup brushes at least every other week and replacing your brushes every three months.


Dirty brushes can lead to sour side effects such as skin breakouts, irritated skin, and clog pores from all that bacteria buildup. 

keep your skin and KandeStixx(es) sweet ✌🏾

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