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(singing in the late great Marvin Gaye voice)🎶When you get that brow fillin, you need a brow healing🎶

There’s nothing like a pair of sweet well-kept brows. Whether you fill them in yourself or pay a professional to fill them for you, having well-groomed brows is a plus.

Lets get all up in Latisha’s (founder) brow fillins 

the brow fillins ~ the feelings of my brows is no

I have been a part of the eyebrow struggle since the 90’s 😩😩 when I first start caring for my brows... I remember back in the day,  I use to go to the nail shop to do my nails and brows. While doing my brows....  I would say please let my brows come out even, and please don’t let this lady cut the tail end of my brows off (because it takes forever to grow back) and don’t let her cut too much of my arch off.  I use to shake so bad when the tech handed me the mirror because I relied so heavily on her ability to make my brows perfect.

Over the years, I start learning little tricks to fill in my brows ... fast forward to today’s technique ...

I outline my brows with a brown pencil making sure to draw in the tail end of my brow then I fill in my brow with Caramalized Brown Powdered Sugar. I take the spoolie end of my angled KandeStixx and begin to blend my brows to perfection. 

I still go to the nail shop to get the hook up from some of my fav technicians but in the event they are having an off day. I’m armed with my Powdered Sugar • BrowFUDGE • KandeStixxes


jus Keeping it Sweet ✌🏾


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