its all about the Beauty Oil glo

Kandelicious Makeup

the summer is almost up and we just want to enjoy that sweet glo for a little while longer ... so, we're bringing you that glo to you in a .5 oz bottle form to help radiant your skin ALL year long. Pamper yourself in our Luxurious Beauty Oil. Specially formulated to protect and balance your skin while adding a visible radiance to your skin. It's extremely versatile can be added to your fav foundation, moisturizer, or lotion. Don't forget to hit all those trouble areas on the skin that just screaming for some attention. All you need is a couple of drops and you're good to go. Let's get into the key ingredients that makes our Beauty Oil luxurious: Marula Oil - extracted from the seeds of the Marula tree (fight against environmental damage) Jojoba Oil - extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant (anti-inflammatory properties helps to reduce redness) Argan Oil - extracted from the seeds of the Argan tree (helps hydrates, protects and soften skin)

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