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Kandelicious Makeup

Everywhere you look all you can see is these studded hair pins on the crowns of your fav celebs and style icons. Luckily for us, we're on it! Our KandePieces are designed to give you that sweet shine from every angle.  So, we're putting the spotlight directly on our beautiful hair clips and giving you two quick ways to roc ‘em!

Double up

As we all know, two is better than one! Just swoop your hair into a high ponytail or puff ~ double up double up on the KandePieces on either side of your crown. 

Stack ‘em

Going for the high level of glam just stack several of our KandePieces in a row. Slick your hair behind your ear(s) or even a low pony/puff will work then stack as many hairpins as you feel fit.  You’re now ready, grab your camera, snap a quick pic be sure to tag us on insta @ #kandelicious ✌🏾

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