that KandeSugarLicious Polish Mix

Kandelicious Makeup

At the top of the KandeList before applying any of our Liquid Matte KandePOP Lipsticks. We recommend mixing up a single serving of our KandeSugarLicious Polish.
Let’s get into the mix 
1/2 KandeSpoon Cane Sugar
1/2 KandeSpoon 100% Pure Honey
1/2 KandeSpoon Olive Oil 
mix it up ~ mix it up ~ mix it up
Gently apply scrub to your lips in a slow circular motion. Remove scrub with a damp cloth. Enjoy your fresh rejuvenated luscious lips. 
Why exfoliate? 
To help replenish and refresh your lips before apply liquid mattes.
When should I exfoliate? 
The night before you decide to wear our KandePOPs
What it do? 
It removes that old tried layer of skin off of your lips, making your lips appear more luscious.
The results?
just Juicy lips --> the Kandelicious Way always Keeping it Sweet ✌🏾 

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