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Kandelicious Makeup

Bringing you another sweet kandeSTIXX - this time it's a High Quality Lip Brush 
the deets
Long Thin Pencil like Handle
Sexy Rose Gold touch 
Soft Dense Vegan Bristles 
the inside kandescoop
*Mixing Shades*
Combine two or more colors together to create a completely different look. If mixing shades is your thing -  this brush is for you.
The thin-pencil like handle gives you complete control over the application process.... adding sweet layers on top of sweet layers made easy because of the curved, feather-like bristles.
*The Sweet Liquid Lipstick Lip Liner*
Add the right amount of liquid lipstick color to the lip line without smudging it up. It's the naturalist way to line the lip without the regular harsh lip liner look.  
*No Wasting Product* 
Feather-like bristles are designed to apply the right amount without soaking up to much product.
*Sweet Corners*
Sexy smooth bristles know how to satisfy the corners of your sweet lips.. no deep concentration need when hitting those spots.

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